Put clichés away for good!

Every German you've met loves to decorate with garden gnomes, is tall, blond and blue-eyed, always on time, mostly humorless, and hardworking? And thus fulfills some of the often mentioned clichés about Germans?

Or is the reality actually pretty different?

Clichés declare generalizations from individual cases and pass premature judgment - thinking in black and white. They often repeat commonplace opinions, ascribe supposedly consistent characteristics to people or groups, and yet only cloud our senses.

Questioning clichés opens doors, leads to self-knowledge and brings the world a little closer.

With Think Twice - the Anti-Cliché Weeks at HSB - we'll be taking a closer look at clichés and offering opportunities for dialogue - in conversation, in workshops, in videos, on an excursion and while exploring the HSB in a wheelchair.

Which cliché gets under your skin? Which assumptions do you want to question? Where do you want to check in and examine your own perceptions?

We'll start on 10.11.22 with an introduction to the topic with Kathrin Tietze and then take a look at a number of clichés we encounter in everyday university life.

Be sure to check out the German version of this website (click on the "DE" in the top right corner of the page) for all the details about each upcoming event.

Get involved with Think Twice and put your findings into words or pictures! We look forward to seeing you!

Think Twice Events

Check out the German version of our website by clicking on the "DE" in the top right corner of the page for the complete list of events.

The Think Twice Team

is made up of colleagues from Career Service, the Central Study Advisory Service, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Simone Buchholz from the Psychological Counseling Office from Studierendenwerk.