Degree Bachelor of Arts
Standard period of study 6 semesters
Credits 180


Admission restricted Yes
Admission requirements
  • General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur), entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences or placement examination/special admission
  • confirmation of the partner organisation for the study place, admission to the preparatory service of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (probationary civil servant status).
Language of instruction German
Faculty/institution School of International Business
Integrated stay abroad No
Study format cooperative study mode

The cooperative degree programme is aimed at persons wishing to acquire tenured positions in public service and trains students as generalists capable of taking on a wide range of case processing tasks in diverse fields of public administration.

Through a training partnership between the Hochschule Bremen and the public administration in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, the programme content addresses specific needs at the level of the public administration in Bremen and Bremerhaven. By undertaking two practical semesters, you will already gain valuable experience in your future field of activity during your studies. You will be employed as a civil servant with the title of ‘Verwaltungsinspektoranwärterin’ or ‘Verwaltungsinspektoranwärter’ and will already receive a salary while you are studying.

Career prospects

On successful completion of the programme, you will qualify for career group 2, first-entry level, in the field of general services in accordance with Section 14 (3) of the Bremen Civil Service Act (BremBG) in conjunction with Section 16 (3) of the Bremen Career Ordinance (BremLVO).

As an administrative assistant, you will perform challenging tasks in administrative processing. Possible fields of activity are personnel administration, organisational development or the area of economic aid. In the course of your professional career, you may also take on a management function in addition to the diverse tasks.

Career fields:

  • Public administration
  • Authorities of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
  • Municipal enterprises and proprietary companies


You may find yourself dealing with the following tasks:

  • Finance/budgeting
  • Human resources
  • Organisation/ data processing
  • Accounting and controlling
  • Project management
  • Performance management
  • Organisation management

Programme structure

The programme comprises a total of six semesters, two of which are integrated practical semesters. The proportion of the study content to be taught is based on the minimum requirements defined by the Conference of Ministers of the Interior in respect of training for career group 2, first entry-level in the field of general services. Measured in terms of the credits to be earned, the study contents comprise the following percentages:

  • Law 55.9%
  • Administrative sciences 22.0%
  • Economics 18.6%
  • Social sciences 3.5%

Examination regulations (German)

Practice orientation

In the cooperative degree programme Public Administration, a professional field reference is established through an early connection to practice through project work. This is profiled in particular by two semesters of practical work experience and specific project work on topics of public administration, which also count as part of the practical training. This also trains teamwork, creativity and conceptual thinking.

The degree programme is highly practice-oriented, not only because of its dual structure. The course lecturers have gained extensive practical experience in public administration and in companies. The teaching is also supplemented with lectures held by high-ranking practitioners.

In the two practical semesters of the programme, you will get to know different departments of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and the Magistrate of the City of Bremerhaven. You can, for example, work in the town office, in the Bremen Job Centre, in a senatorial office and in offices or departments of the Bremerhaven municipal authorities. Bremen’s representations in Berlin and Brussels also regularly offer placements for the practical semesters. This presents an ideal opportunity to combine the theoretical knowledge acquired at HSB with direct application in practice.


In the course of European integration, the degree programme also refers to the subject area of European law and policy.

In the past, for example, there have been placements at the Bremen State Representation in Brussels and visits to the government of the Dutch province of Groningen. The Hochschule Bremen has a long-standing partnership with the Hanzehogeschool Groningen.


The study places on the degree programme are advertised by the Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum der Freien Hansestadt Bremen and the Bremerhaven Magistrat.

Applications should therefore be sent solely to:

Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum
Referat 40 Doventorscontrescarpe 172 B
28195 Bremen


Magistrat Bremerhaven
Personalamt (Amt 11/4)
Postfach 210360
27524 Bremerhaven

The application deadlines depend on the organisational requirements of the partner organisation.

The training relationship with the cooperation partner usually begins in September and in February.

Have you already received an acceptance from the Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Bremen (AFZ) or the Magistrate of the City of Bremerhaven and returned your declaration of acceptance?

If so, you are able to register in the online application portal ‘CampInO’ during HSB’s published application period and submit your ‘Application for Admission’ online.

Online application is not possible without prior confirmation from a partner organisation.

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  2. Apply

    You need to apply either to the Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Bremen (AFZ) or to the Magistrat Bremerhaven first. Once you are admitted to the practical training programme, you can apply to HSB.

    Applying to HSB is not possible without prior confirmation by the AFZ or the Magistrat.



Head of programme

Programme Coordination

Questions about application, admission, examinations

Questions about the application at "AFZ"

Jessica Petersen
Referat 40 – Berufliche Ausbildung und Praktika
0421 361-99762

Questions about the application at "Magistrat Bremerhaven"