Ladies and gentlemen, dear students of the Hochschule Bremen – University of Applied Sciences,

On the occasion of the upcoming start of lectures, I would like to start by thanking you in particular for the sense of responsibility with which you have mastered your daily study routine in the past four semesters under Corona conditions, despite adverse conditions. This cannot be taken for granted and deserves the respect of all of us!

With the summer semester of 2022, we will return to face-to-face studies after a long time, at least for the vast majority. The Ministry of Science and the university administrations agreed on this on 22 February 2022.

We know how much you have wished for a return to attendance. That is an all too understandable wish, which the teachers and the university management and everyone else share just as much with you. Now you can look forward to a lively campus life again, the relaxed framework conditions due to the easing of the pandemic situation are the basis for this.

The return to presence is important in order to make Hochschule Bremen a place of togetherness and joint work again. This is what the university thrives on. At the same time, we want to use the knowledge gained in digitally supported teaching in the future and further develop modern forms of teaching and learning.

We look forward with you to bringing diverse, colourful and intercultural university life back to our campus. We have had to wait far too long for this.

The university management will inform you in good time about the specific conditions for studying in the coming semester, as usual by e-mail and on the HSB website.

I thank you for your support, wish you and your families all the best, and look forward with you to the start of the 2022 summer semester on-site!

With best regards
Yours, Prof. Dr. Karin Luckey
- Rector -

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