Managing Change

"The only constant is change"

Heraclitus by Arapahoe, greek philosopher, 520 b.C.


What is it about?

Change Management Business Game is a ...

  • cross cultural,
  • cross disciplinary,
  • cross university,
  • collaborative


Business Game Seminar ...

Join the game!

Did you ever want ...

  • ... to take an active role in shaping an organisation's future design?
  • ... to give advice to a manager on how to successfully lead a team?
  • ... to work in an international team of consultants?
  • ... to increase your knowledge of how to use contemporary collaboration media?   

You did?  

Welcome to the game!

How to?

How to play the game? Here we go ...  

  • we start playing on March 27th and end on March 31st beginning in Bremen and ending in Groningen,
  • as a regular HSB student or exchange student with AULIS access proceed to CMBG AULIS-Course,
  • as others get in contact with us!