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Dual Mode Degree Programme in Computer Science B.Sc.

Application Period
Winter semester 2021/22:
01 until 31 July 2021

ATTENTION!!! Applications are not submitted using the link above but made directly to one of the partner companies. The deadline for applications depends on the organisational requirements of the particular company. The apprenticeship usually commences on August 1 or September 1.

Entry Requirements
> General university entry qualification ("Abitur") or restricted university entry qualification ("Fachhochschulreife") or classification test/special admission

> Training or study contract with a cooperation company with which Bremen University of Applied Sciences has a cooperation contract for the implementation of the study.

Course Duration
8 semesters including final degree examination (chamber of commerce) and Bachelor thesis
Foundation course of study: 1. First to 3rd Semester
In-depth course of study: 4. First to 8th Semester

Language of instruction
Information about German language certificates for international applicants

Bachelor of Science

  • 4 - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Contact Person
    Questions Concerning Content and Structure
    Name Phone E-Mail
    Sethmann, Richard, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. +49 421 5905 5483  send
    Matevska, Jasminka, Prof. Dr.-Ing. +49 421 5905 5425  send
    Questions Concerning Coordination Dual Study
    Name Phone E-Mail
    Wilken, Maike +49 421 5905 5396  send
    Chairman of the examination board
    Name Phone E-Mail
    Meyer, Uwe, Prof. Dr.-Ing. +49 421 5905 5419  send
    Registrar’s Office, Student Affairs
    (Application, Admission, Examination)
    Name Phone E-Mail
    Strebe, Melanie +49 421 5905 2374  send

    Regulations and Guidelines

  • Examination Regulations


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