What is the Deutschlandstipendium?

The Deutschlandstipendium is a support programme for talented and committed students. In order to be granted a Deutschlandstipendium, good grades are just as important as the willingness to take on responsibility or the successful mastering of obstacles in one's own life and educational path.

It is the largest public-private partnership in the German education sector. Every year, many thousands of students throughout Germany benefit from financial support from this sponsorship programme. HSB and its benefactors have been involved since 2011.

Current Sponsors

This year, 29 sponsors are involved in the Deutschlandstipendium at the Hochschule Bremen. In this way, they are making it possible for 72 students to receive a scholarship.

We thank them for their commitment!

Become a sponsor

Become a scholarship holder

You have achieved good grades in your studies and can show a level of personal commitment, whether in social areas, politics, religious institutions or the environment? Do you have personal successes or special achievements to show, for example from competitions, in the form of international or professional experience? Or have you already had to overcome some hurdles on your way to or in your studies?

Then the Deutschlandstipendium is a great opportunity for you to receive funding of 300 euros per month to enable you to pursue extracurricular activities or your studies more effectively.

Half of the scholarship is financed by private sponsors. This can be a company, an association or a private person who wants to enable students to concentrate fully on their studies and commitment.

How to apply

The application phase for the next funding round (2021/2022) of the Deutschlandstipendium begins on

20 May 2022 and ends on 04 July 2022.

If you do not have a matriculation number during this period, you can register with the application number you have received from HSB.

A selection committee at the HSB decides on the awarding of scholarships. For this purpose, it examines the applications and awards points for defined criteria.

The selection process is completed by mid-September and all applicants are informed whether they have been awarded a scholarship or not.

What do I need for the application?

In addition to personal data, the application form also asks for your academic achievements. If you are already studying at HSB, you do not need to provide any details. If you are a prospective student, please state your Abitur grade.

You also have the option of stating your personal commitment, personal achievements or/and your impairments. You can upload the relevant documents for these entries directly in the form, for example certificates, work references or attestations. It is best to already have all these documents at hand!

In addition, a curriculum vitae in tabular form and a short letter of motivation are expected.

What can I score with?

The selection committee will award points for the following criteria, which will be used to rank the applicants:


1. Performance and talent
Maximum 30 achievable points.

  • for first-semester Bachelor: average grade of the university entrance qualification with special consideration of the individual grades relevant for the chosen field of study or special qualification entitling to study in the respective field of study
  • for first semester Master: final grade of the previous studies
  • for advanced Bachelor and Master students: academic achievements to date, in particular ECTS credits attained


2. Special achievements, awards and prizes, previous professional activities and internships
Maximum 7 achievable points.


3. Extracurricular involvement
Maximum 7 achievable points.

For example, voluntary work, social, university or political commitment, participation in religious societies, associations or clubs.


4. Special personal or family circumstances
Maximum 7 achievable points.

For example, illnesses, disabilities, caring for own children, especially as a single parent, caring for close relatives in need of care, working in a family business, working while studying, family background, migration background.

The general conditions for the individual sub-items, for example a minimum duration for a stay abroad or how long you have done something in the past, are always indicated in the portal.

Frequently asked questions

Accompanying programme ‘Insight’

In the accompanying programme ‘Insight’, the scholarship holders can take part in excursions and events and also network with each other.

Networking and thinking outside the box

For all scholarship holders and sponsors we offer the accompanying programme ‘Insight’ with two to three events per semester on the topics:

  • Society and politics
  • Culture
  • Vocational and future orientation

The accompanying programme promotes interdisciplinary exchange across faculties and networking among each other – a good opportunity to come into contact with people beyond one's own degree course and to discuss topics outside one's own subject area.

Attending events pays off twice

Those who actively participate in a total of four events of the accompanying programme will receive a certificate for successful participation at the end.

Information and registration at the beginning of each semester.

Contact for the accompanying program


Coordinator Deutschlandstipendium