Hochschule Bremen is a member of the Strategic Alliance for Regional Transition (STARS EU).

The STARS EU brings together the strengths of eight traditional, complementary European universities in an ambitious attempt to re-imagine higher education institutions: the aim is to create a new kind of European University.

The overall aim is to build an alliance of committed higher education institutions to establish a future-oriented European University.  It aims to create a new generation of students and innovative, flexible and diverse educational and challenge-based research systems that contribute with high impact to the sustainable development of individual regions and the whole of Europe.

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Thematic Interest Groups – TIGs will play a key role in knowledge creation and its translation into innovative products and public and private services, a process that will engage researchers, scientists and technologists, professors, students, local entrepreneurs and civil society leaders around the STARS EU Priority Areas

TIGs are established to ensure STARS EU engaging, sustainable, long-term inter-institutional collaboration performing joint research; developing and implementing joint projects; exchanging knowledge and experience; staff exchange and many more joint activities

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Would you like to learn more about STARS EU, get involved in the development of innovative teaching and learning formats or network with researchers in your field? Or would you like to spend a semester abroad with one of the partners?