Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology

The course is designed to provide an introductory understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Explore Bitcoin "the internet of money" - an exciting new form of digital currency and store of value which can be transferred between people and companies without the need for a middleman (e.g. banks).
You will cover:

  • The basics of Bitcoin including its key features, the structure of the Bitcoin Blockchain, current challenges of the Bitcoin network, the history of digital currencies, the invention of decentralized consensus through proof-of-work, and a technical overview of Bitcoin, as well as alternative/advanced uses of the blockchain.
  • A practical introduction to digital currencies: This will include practical, introductory exercises in utilizing and constructing cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Banking and financial implications of digital currencies: Overview of how cryptocurrencies map to the existing monetary and banking system
  • We will also discuss the newest developments in the space (e.g. Lightning Network, Decentralised Finance, Central Banks Digital Currencies).

This course is ideal for students with an interest in this innovative space. No prior knowledge is required.

Lecturer: Mr Leonard Pust, Lecturer, School of International Business / Hochschule Bremen / City University of Applied Sciences

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Leonard Pust

International Business: Engaging in Commerce Across the Globe

In this course, we will explore the foundations of developing a strategy for doing business globally. We will examine both selling into and sourcing from other economies. Participants will learn how to identify firm-specific advantages and match these with the opportunities presented in countries and territories across the world. The module focuses on bringing theory into practical action. You will participate in case study discussions, lectures, and mini-projects to develop and reinforce your knowledge of this exciting business area. This course suitable for undergraduates or students at graduate school.

Lecturer: Mr Michael Medlock, Senior Lecturer, School of International Business / Hochschule Bremen / City University of Applied Sciences

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„I am looking forward to working with students from across the globe who want to learn about the foundations of international business and engage with others from all around the world.“

Michael Medlock Senior Lecturer

Digital and Social Marketing Strategies

Globalization made the world become small – and on the contrary increased the possibilities and chances for all types of Marketing. But how do I reach my target group? What is my message? Which channel do I use to achieve the most output and the best results?

To become a lighthouse in the flood of everyday messages and to keep the overview in the endless variety of communication ways is the aim of the course “Digital and Social Marketing Strategies”. To be recognized and remembered is no coincidence but hard and consciously work.

Where is the difference between PR and Marketing? What key skills do I need to get my message through in the best way? What kind of media from Print up to Radio, Online, Podcast or Video needs which ability to get exactly to the point? The instruments for catching the attention of your audience are a secret which can be learned and used to influence the market, media and motivation of your target group.

The course “Digital and Social Marketing Strategies” combines the fundamental power of writing in all styles with the innovative force of creating pictures, knowledge about successful Social Media workflow as well as Search Engine Optimized strategies and the magnetic effect of successful Storytelling.

This course is aimed at students with an interest in intensive information and skills for successful PR & Marketing. No prior knowledge is required.

Lecturer: Mr Helmut Stapel, Lecturer, School of International Business / Hochschule Bremen / City University of Applied Sciences

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Helmut Stapel

International Project Management

This International Project Management course prepares students to one day take the role of Project Manager in complex international projects in various fields of IT, development cooperation, engineering, infrastructure, marketing etc.

Through this course the complicated and the all encompassing role of the project manager becomes clear and students acquire the skills and in depth know-how of the latest instruments, tools and organizational methods that are available and are necessary for the implementation of international projects.

This course is a stepping stone to a career in project management. It teaches you to

  • effectively plan a project from scratch to its final implementation.
  • make work packages and ensure the right delegation of tasks.
  • hone your change and risk management skills through effective risk management plans, managing risk escalation and predict and be prepared for change.
  • develop strategic communications and problem solving skills.
  • understand the intricacies and dynamics of the relationships with all the stakeholders.
  • produce project documentation at all phases of the project, including intermediary reports and final project report, schedules and the budget.

You don't need previous project management experience for this course but should bring with you motivation and interest to understand the nitty gritty of a project manager's job.

Lecturer: Dr. Shazia Wülbers, Senior Lecturer at the International Programme for Policy Management, Hochschule Bremen / City University of Applied Sciences

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