Information for students who will perform laboratory experiments throughout their studies

This information is important for all students who will perform laboratory experiments throughout their studies. The increased risk of accidents requires safety precautions, which are listed on this leaflet. In order to warrant full insurance cover after an accident, the correct and cautious consideration of the rules of conduct must be ensured.

  1. Devices in laboratories may not be used without professional instruction.
  2. All instructions by the laboratory staff must be followed.
  3. Experiments performed without consultation of the laboratory staff are prohibited.
  4. Every student must inform himself/herself about the laboratory regulations and act in accordance with them. The regulations are available in all laboratories.
  5. The Fire Safety Law of Bremen City University of Applied Sciences must be followed at all times. It is displayed in the Registrar’s and Examination Office and on the website of Section 04 – Work Safety and Environmental Protection.
  6. In case of an accident, the closest university member or fire department must be informed immediately. (Fire department phone: 112)

Accidents inside the university (e.g. laboratories, lecture halls, hallways, basements, outside areas) as well as commuting accidents (direct ways to or from university) must be reported to the Registrar’s and Examination Office by the person involved or by relatives within three days. There, the required forms will be issued and further measures will be taken.

Accident Insurance

Students are insured throughout their studies as follows:
During all study-related activities that take place with direct spatial or temporal relation to Bremen City University of Applied Sciences.

  • This includes e.g. participation in lectures, clubs, exercises, seminars, excursions, activities of self-government as well as visiting other university facilities such as libraries and institutes.
  • Excursions/trips abroad are ensured only if they take place as university events and possess an objective connection to the degree programme. The excursions must explicitly be declared as a university event and must take place under guidance of teaching staff.
  • If semesters abroad are an official part of the local degree programme, accident insurance is covered during the stay abroad. However, students must remain registered with Bremen City University of Applied Sciences and acquired academic achievements must be recognized completely.
  • In case of internships abroad, insurance is only guaranteed if recorded by the organisational area of responsibility, meaning that only if the university has the instruction rights (organizes the internship and takes influence on extent, duration, content and external conditions), insurance is guaranteed. Normally, the German accident insurance does not apply during internships abroad.

Not insured are any sports events that are not organised by Hochschulsport (sports offered by the university) and private study- or subject matters outside of the university, even if they serve as examination preparation.
Statutory health insurance will not normally cover internships. Students performing internships are mostly insured through the accident insurance of the hosting company/institution.

Liability Insurance - No

Throughout the studies, students will not receive liability insurance.
Students must bear liability for all damage caused!

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