The Academic Senate is the highest decision-making body and working body of the university. It decides on matters assigned to it in accordance with article 80, subsection 1 of the Bremen Higher Education Act (Bremisches Hochschulgesetz, BremHG).

These include:

  • adopting resolutions on HSB's basic regulations, the general parts of the examination regulations and other statutes, insofar as the law does not regulate other responsibilities.
  • adopting resolutions on the establishment, amendment and dissolution of degree programmes, faculties and central academic institutions, operating units and overarching organisational units
  • election of the president
  • appointment of the vice-president and the head of administration on the proposal of the president
  • decision on the university development plan submitted by the university management
  • adoption of resolutions on the principles of resource management
  • issuing opinions on all self-governing tasks of fundamental importance
  • receiving and deliberating the annual report of the university management
  • appointment of the Women's Representative in accordance with section 6 of the Bremen Higher Education Act (Bremisches Hochschulgesetz).


The Academic Senate consists of 21 members, according to the following groups

  • 11 professors
  • 4 research assistants
  • 2 non-academic staff members
  • 4 students

The university president serves as chairperson of the Academic Senate.

All members are elected for two years, students for one year. The term begins on 1 March.