Dean's office

The dean's office manages the faculty and represents it externally.

The deans of studies are responsible for the organisation of teaching and quality assurance and are the contact persons for our students if concerns cannot be discussed with the head of the degree programme.


Porträtfoto Peter Laudi

Prof. Dr. Peter Laudi
Dekan | Professur für Finanzwirtschaft
+49 421 5905 4101

Assistant Dean

Porträtfoto Leena Pundt

Prof. Dr. Leena Pundt
Professorin für Personalmanagement | Prodekanin | Leitung IPM
+49 421 5905 4211

Associate Dean for International Relations

Section I – International Management

Porträtfoto Lydia Scholz

Prof. Dr. Lydia Scholz
Studiendekanin | Professur für Wirtschaftsrecht
+49 421 5905 4503

Associate Dean for Planning and Organisation

Section II – Management and Technology

Porträtfoto Ulrich Kuron

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kuron
Studiendekan | Studiengangsleitung Business Management M.A.
+49 421 5905 4430

Associate Dean for Research

Section III – Management and Governance

Porträtfoto Stephan Abée

Prof. Dr. Stephan Abée
Studiendekan | Professur für Betriebswirtschaftslehre
+49 421 5905 4130

Center for International and Business Affairs (ZIP)

The Center for International and Business Affairs (ZIP) organises study abroad and practical phases at home and abroad for our students as well as the study stay of more than 200 incoming students each year. Its seven programme coordinators are competent contacts for more than 3000 students and look after our network of more than 150 international partner universities as well as numerous regional and international companies. The ZIP thus makes a significant contribution to the central trademarks of our faculty: internationality and practical relevance.

SiB and ZIP

Services we offer

Programme coordinators

IT Services (ZfR)

IT Services is the contact point for staff, lecturers and students of the School of International Business and the Graduate & Professional School regarding questions of IT infrastructure in teaching and learning processes.


Zentrum für Rechnerbetrieb

Räume A 124 – 127
Campus Werderstraße


Mo – Do: 9 – 15 Uhr
Fr: 9 – 13:30 Uhr

Quality management

The School of International Business understands quality management as a collaborative process of continuous assurance and further development of the high quality of our degree programmes. In cooperation with the Central Quality Management (ZQM), this is oriented towards the quality cycle: Plan - Do - Act - Check (PDAC).

Our quality manager organises the quality assurance and development processes at the faculty. She is the direct contact person for the ZQM and, in addition to the programme directors and deans of studies, also for students and lecturers.



Faculty board

The Faculty Board is the highest decision-making body of our faculty in questions of programme development and design and on principles of quality development. It elects the Dean's Office, the examination boards and the study commissions.

Study commisions

Each degree programme of the faculty has its own study commission. They are involved in the creation of courses, the development of study programmes and the quality management of our faculty. You can find the members on the page of the respective degree programme.

Examining board

The School of International Business has formed a joint examining board for its Bachelor's and consecutive Master's degree programmes. There are separate examination boards for the cooperative degree programme Public Administration and the European degree programme Business and Administration.

The examining board is responsible for organising the examinations and all related tasks. This concerns the crediting of study periods, examination, study and other achievements, the setting of examination dates, the approval of topics for final theses, the consequences of violations of examination regulations and more (cf. § 22 Para. 7 of the General Part of the Bachelor Examination Regulations).

Interest groups


Student faculty committee School of International Business

Room B 28
Campus Werderstrasse