Finding job openings

There are a variety of paths that lead to starting a new job.

  • Ideally you should try many paths and methods at once.
  • Clarify your own profile first (strengths, values, interests, topics), then identify fitting jobs and job fields.
  • Stay active, don’t wait for right offer. Instead, research exciting companies and organizations and follow their career websites. Get connected with professional contacts through social media. It’s estimated that nine out of ten job postings are published directly on company websites and only seven out of ten are published on online job boards. Looking directly at the career websites of interesting companies in addition to checking a few general job boards is worth it.
  • Check job boards (there are already 1600 in Germany). Make choices (for example company size, innovative characteristics, and job field). Don’t forget the job board at the Arbeitsagentur (German employment agency). Utilize job searching machines, too. They will search job boards for you!
  • Initiative applications pay off primarily in small and mid-sized companies, at start-ups, and in IT. Always explain exactly how and why your profile fits with the company.
  • The “Mittelstand” (mid-sized companies) offers the most jobs in Germany, so broaden your perspective and don’t just search at famous, internationally-known companies.
  • Network! Doing so can help you clarify what to expect for eight hours a days in which jobs, what sort of work actually happens with what job title, what the challenging trends in your field are, which projects are coming up and if you could help out with one. Networking can help you develop new ideas. And one day you may even meet the people who will decide “We would love to work with you!”.


  • Stick with it. Get support. We’re happy to advise you!
  • Don’t just apply for everything and go through the motions of filling out X applications. Instead, pay attention to how the job posting fits with your profile and update your application documents accordingly.
  • Visiting our events (virtually as well) or an external career fair gives you the chance to speak directly with contact people at certain companies.
  • The person who knows their job field and is informed about companies in advance will always have an advantage!
  • You can find plenty of other tips on AULIS.  

Good luck!

Successful job applications

Job searching during the Corona era? How does that work? We have tips!

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