Bremen is a very safe place to live. There are no “no-go areas” in Bremen—students do not have to avoid any particular districts of the city. Nevertheless, with a population of almost 550,000, you may experience conflict and become the victim of crime.

HSB is not a campus university. As it is located directly in the city of Bremen and part of the local neighborhood, it is open to the public. Therefore, HSB cannot be compared to a campus university. It is different, but equally safe.

Germany-wide emergency numbers

In case of an emergency (accident or fire or if you encounter violence), call one of these numbers:

  • 110: Police
  • 112: Fire brigade and ambulance / emergency physician
  • 116 117: Medical Emergency Service

Please note:
You can go to hospital if you require urgent medical assistance in the middle of the night or at the weekend. If you are unable to get there yourself, because you are very sick or seriously injured and cannot use public transportation or a taxi, you can dial the freephone emergency number 112.

If it is not an emergency, but you cannot wait until the doctor’s office opens, you can take advantage of the Medical Emergency Service (Ärztlicher Bereitschaftsdienst) by calling 116 117. This is a general practitioner, who is on call to handle emergencies after normal doctors’ hours. 


Please make sure to always be informed about new regulations concerning the corona virus.

Latest information

Safety tips

Soon, you will be starting your study abroad experience in Bremen, Germany. We are already looking forward to welcoming you and we hope you will enjoy your stay on ourinternational campus!

There is a lot for you to learn here at HSB, and this includes how to stay safe.  Studying abroad can be a really fun and unique experience. However, some critical and unexpected situations cannot always be avoided. This quick check list and guide may serve as an impulse for you to make sure you are doing everything you can to stay safe.

With this in mind: Have fun, enjoy your time in Bremen and take good care of yourself!