20th anniversary of the Peter Wefing Prize and Karl Engelland Prize at the

Faculty of Architecture, Building and the Environment: two study prizes awarded

On 17 November 2021, the Faculty of Architecture, Building and the Environment at Bremen University of Applied Sciences awarded seven outstanding student projects with this year's Karl Engeland Prize and Peter Wefing Sponsorship Prize in an award ceremony that was broadcast online. Due to the coronalage, this year the study prizes were not awarded during the first semester welcome ceremony, but were presented by Vice Dean Prof. Dr. Silke Eckardt in a small ceremony with relatives, members of the jury and the supervisors. "Mobility concepts, modular timber construction, façade utilisation, garden cities: the award-winning theses reflect the prize-worthy commitment of the prize-winners to ecological and resource-saving building in Bremen. The prizes are intended above all to spur the first-year students on to ambitious achievements in a successful course of study," emphasised Silke Eckardt.

Karl Engeland Prize 2021, donated by the Engeland family

Gabi Beer, Sören Franzke and Nick Zinthäfner each received the Karl Engeland Prize 2021, endowed with 1,000 euros, for their final theses, which were honoured by juror Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Harm Haslob. In the Bachelor's degree programme in architecture, Gabi Beer and Nick Zinthäfner developed attractive, sustainable living spaces for Gartenstadt Süd, which was built in the 1950s as a new development area without a distinct centre. With two expressive, mixed-use structures, Gabi Beer redesigned the area around the old weekly market into a lively neighbourhood square. Nick Zinthäfner designed a flexible residential building with commercial space between two existing row buildings. The lower floors are designed like a "reinforced concrete base" over which residential units are stacked in bulkhead construction made of solid wood. In his Master's degree in Building and Environment (Infrastructure), Sören Franzke analysed possible solutions for the development of new urban districts in Bremen and developed a future-oriented cable car line between Rablinghausen and Gröpelingen.

Peter Wefing Sponsorship Award, donated by the Peter Wefing Foundation

With Stefan Beyersdorfer, Leon Jan Minne, Silvan Ostheimer and Novi Vania Sari Pujianto, four prize winners received the Peter Wefing Prize 2021, each endowed with 1,000 euros, for their bachelor's theses. In his thesis "Implementation of a room module production in a medium-sized timber construction company", Stefan Beyersdorfer examined the manufacturing process from awarding to production. The model for ten optimised work stations was pre-production in the automotive industry. Silvan Johannes Ostheimer developed a decision-making basis for the use of photovoltaics, greening and a combination of both on urban building facades in his thesis "Fassadennutzung im Flächenkonflikt zwischen Klimaschutz und Klimaanpassung". In his final thesis "Zur numerischen Berechnung des Rissfortschritts in Baustahl" (On the numerical calculation of crack propagation in structural steel), Leon Jan Minne investigated which theoretical models can be used to realistically record a crack in metal as well as its propagation and in which programmes these models can be used. The use of PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) in water film-forming extinguishing foam agents led to groundwater contamination at Bremen Airport. Novi Vania Sari Pujianto assessed the state of remediation in her thesis and investigated the potential for the use of sustainable remediation methods using plants, also called phytoremediation. Juror Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Lochte-Holtgreven praised the particularly innovative range of topics covered by this year's award winners.

20 years of the Peter Wefing Award and the Karl Engelland Award

"For 20 years, the two outstanding benefactors Karl Engeland and Peter Wefing have made it possible for the Faculty of Architecture, Building and the Environment to honour excellent student projects with recognised prizes at the beginning of the semester. The university is particularly grateful that Eva Maria Boehme as representative of the Wefing Foundation and Dr. Thomas Arthen for the Karl Engeland family continue the renowned study prizes with outstanding commitment," Rector Karin Luckey is pleased to say.