The Cliché Clip Contest is a fun way to break down clichés about your culture or lifestyle. Be brave and set the record straight - and win movie tickets to boot!

The goal of the video contest is to show that clichés and reality are often quite different. Do you know a cliché about your culture, lifestyle or identity that is completely different from what your everyday life is really like?

Then send us a short video in which you present the cliché and show your reality.

We will share the videos on Instagram as well as on the HSB website for ThinkTwice.

How it works

  1. Identify a cliché

    Identify a cliché about your culture or lifestyle that you've come into contact with. This could be, for example, a situation in which you continuously find yourself feeling misunderstood or a fact that you find yourself need needing to correct again and again.

  2. Get inspired

    Found a cliché you want to tackle but don't know how you can make your video about it interesting and creative? Here are a few ideas for clichés about:





  3. What should the clips look like?

    A few parameters before you start shooting:


    • Video should be no longer than 30 seconds
    • You should shoot the video in portrait mode (like an Instagram Reel or TikTok video)
    • Only create a video about a topic that pertains to you
    • Video should be in German or English only.
    • Make sure you have permission to use footage from anyone in your videos.
  4. Record your clip

    Get your phone out and start recording!

  5. Send us your video

    And when your video is finished? Send an email to with:

    • Your name
    • a brief description of your video (2-5 sentences), for example talking about the situation where you came into contact with the cliché and what the reality is
    • your Instagram handle, if you would like to be tagged in the video when we share it
    • and the completed consent form.


    Send your video separately via GigaMove to by January 2, 2023. You will need to select HSB as your institution and log in using your HSB account.

And the winner gets...

The Cliché Clip Contest winner will win a movie theater night with two movie tickets, two popcorns and drinks!

And who will win? The more likes your video gets, the better your chances of winning!

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and to watch all the other clip entries.

Have fun clearing up clichés!


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