We invite papers on the implementation of all the elements of the Green Deal including:  


General topics:

Green Deal financial aspects and business, such as concerted practices of market players in the interest of the environment in light of competition law, channelling market behaviour versus market freedom (regulation, taxes, economic instruments et al.), state aid and Green Deal, EU funding and Green Deal, funding and financial instruments to support the green deal, global trade


Social aspects of the Green Deal, such as climate refugees and the right to asylum, affordability of the Green Deal and poverty mitigation, role of civil society (public awareness, access to information, accountability et al.)


Legal protection against climate change impacts, such as individual rights to a clean environment, access to justice, compensation mechanisms


Governance and political context of the Green Deal, such as international and EU level interaction: UN/FCCC, Paris Agreement and EU legislation, governance of the Green Deal in a multi-level governance system, leapfrogging the fossil fuel era: clean development mechanisms and beyond)


Sector-specific topics:

  • Digitalisation
  • Maritime and agriculture sector
  • Logistics and transport
  • Urban development
  • Energy
  • Production design, circular economy and waste management
  • Leisure and tourism


We also welcome papers that explore any gaps and/or shortcomings in the Green Deal.

Comments on the presentations are also most welcome and may be included in the publication.


Student Panel:

Students are welcome to attend the main conference. To give them their own platform, students are invited to a separate one-day student panel on the implementation of the Green Deal, with their own student papers to be given to other students. Topics should introduce Green Deal issues and may prepare students for profiting from the main conference.


Those interested should please submit a title and a 250-500 word abstract and contact information to  Prof. Dr. Lydia Scholz and Prof. Dr. Christiane Trüe LL.M. by 20 September 2021.


  • Selection of papers will be completed by 30 September 2021.
  • Draft papers are expected by 31 October 2021.


We are looking forward to receiving your contributions!


The City University of Applied Sciences Bremen will host the online conference with the support of the BEZ e.V. (the Bremer European Studies Centre of the Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in and around Bremen). The funding comes from the City University of Applied Sciences Bremen’s Research Cluster on Dynamics, Tensions and Xtreme Events. 

Papers will be published in a conference volume on the EU Green Deal Strategy and its implementation in practice. 

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