Faculty administration

 Our team listed below will be happy to answer any questions regarding administrative matters and services offered by the faculty.

Administrative management

Administrative staff

Sonja Müller

  • room planning and management / room reservation
  • business trips
  • guest lectures
  • display entries

Sandra Fredelake

  • facility management
  • room planning and management / room reservation
  • course planning (supporting)
  • complaint management

Corinna Schöngart

  • course planning
  • remuneration for examiner activities (bachelor's and master's theses)
  • planning orientation weeks
  • recognition of studies abroad (ISGM, ISTM, ISWI, ESWV)
  • recognition of internship abroad (ISGM, ISTM, ISWI)

Claudia Humbert

  • course planning
  • student assistant contracts
  • tutorial contracts
  • appointment committees

Britta Streithorst

  • temporary teaching positions in non-cooperative programmes
  • accounts for temporary lecturers
  • certificates for temporary lecturers
  • access to computer services for temporary lecturers

Information and internal services

Andreas Budahn

  • office supplies procurement and management
  • printing jobs
  • printer ticket sales
  • administration and issue of projectors, loan computers
  • key issue seminar rooms
  • issuing/charging of parking permits
  • janitorial services

Thomas Schulze

  • multimedia support for courses
  • administration and issue of beamers, overhead projectors
  • issuing of teaching media (video camera, moderation equipment etc.)
  • issuing of office materials
  • preparation and supervision of course evaluations
  • issuing/charging parking permits
  • janitorial duties

Janitorial services and facility management

Uwe Oerding

Lutz Schnaars

Silvia Wicht

  • lost and found

  • loaning of the mobile TVs and video stations

  • loaning of projector and loaning of computers after office hours

  • issuing of parking permits

Staff directory