The rooms of the School of Architecture Bremen are located in the middle of the campus of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences at Neustadtswall 30, where we offer you as students ideal, spacious work and presentation rooms in a central location. In the same building you will find the cafeteria and on the other side of the street you will find the library "Technik" with a large selection of literature on architecture.


The School of Architecture Bremen emerged from the former Department of Architecture at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences and has 14 university teaching positions for more than 300 enrolled students. A team of dedicated staff members pursues the common goal of showing you, the students, a way into the diverse world of architectural creation.

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Study programs

At the School of Architecture at Bremen University of Applied Sciences, the study of architecture is offered as a consecutive course of study in a bachelor's degree program and two master's degree programs. Since the winter semester of 2012, we have been offering a part-time master's program that allows students to work regularly in an architectural office while studying. Selected bachelor's and master's theses by our successful graduates can be found on the platform Einblicke Online.



The study of architecture is a very diverse course of study that has both design and technical and theoretical components. The focus of the teaching is on designing, constructing and creating buildings and spaces.

The study of architecture at the School of Architecture Bremen is oriented towards the professional tasks of the architect and thereby pursues the goal of showing students a way into the diverse world of architectural creation.

Architecture is created in the field of tension between reason, knowledge and intuition and is fundamentally an interdisciplinary field that includes important components of the humanities, social and natural sciences, art and technology. Therefore, the education here promotes creative, spatial-plastic and technical-constructive design through scientific debate and cooperation with other cultural institutions and at the same time the agility of thought, the ability to reflect and the ability to develop one's own attitudes and conceptions. It thus opens up nationally and, above all, internationally a broad professional field, which can be seen not only in direct relation to architecture, but also in numerous other environmental design activities. The students should therefore acquire knowledge, skills and competences in design, drafting and construction in an interdisciplinary discourse by the end of their studies, which will enable them to fulfill their role as generalists and to coordinate interdisciplinary program goals. At the same time, they will produce personalities characterized by creativity, intellectual maturity, ecological sensitivity, economic understanding, and social responsibility.

Educational goals / standards

The basic aim of the training is to promote the regional character of the university and to ensure the national and international compatibility of the study programs through modularization and the assignment of credit points. In addition, the consecutive Bachelor's and Master's programs with a total of 10 semesters of study fulfill requirements that result from the standard specifications of the corresponding EC and UNESCO/ UIA guidelines as well as the Accreditation Association for Study Programs in Architecture and Planning (ASAP) (see below).

The School of Architecture's architectural education therefore leads to a degree with worldwide recognition upon completion of the master's program.


  • EU: European Architects Directive 85/384 and Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications
  • UIA: Accord on Recommended International Standards of Professionalism in Architectural Practice and UNESCO/UIA Charter
  • for architectural Education
  • ASAP: Professional Standards for the Accreditation of Degree Programs in Architecture

Workrooms, facilities and laboratories

Students at the School of Architecture Bremen have access to large workspaces throughout their studies. Here they work intensively on their projects and discuss them with each other. In the context of so-called table critiques, there are also regular suggestions and criticism by the teachers.

In addition to the workrooms, students at the School of Architecture Bremen have access to spacious and well-equipped workshop and CAD rooms as well as an extensive reference library (Baudokumentation).

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Honors, awards and prizes

In cooperation with our partners and donors, outstanding student research projects are regularly awarded prizes.


Current awards