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Features and Purposes

AULIS is based on the software system “ILIAS OpenSource”.
It integrates many applications, providing webbased cooperation and communication of students and lecturers during their working processes. You do not have to switch between different systems and applications.
The most frequently used objects are briefly described below.
Icon Personal Desktop
Personal Desktop
The Personal Desktop is the private environment in every ILIAS installation – at Hochschule Bremen it corresponds to „My AULIS“ for every user.

The „Personal Profile“ contains personal data. Here users may change the AULIS-password, edit personal data, load up and publish a picture and other information to their visiting card, or change the user interface language. Here users can set links to offers in the repository and administrate mails, news, the calendar and group memberships.
Icon Magazin/Repository
Repository - Space for classes and workgroups
Every ILIAS-object is stored in the „Repository“ which is structured in main and subcategories - similar to a library.

On AULIS the main categories are the faculties, the degree courses appear as subcategories. After having logged in you will find the link to „Repository“ in the main navigation bar. In the repository you will see offers, which are accessible for all „Users”; content of groups is visible only for group members.
Icon Gruppe / Group
ILIAS-Groups support online cooperation, giving persons a workspace and controlling access to different types of content (files, forums, websites, test, surveys etc.) They can be organized as closed or as open groups - as the need arises.

On AULIS the online environment for classes is mostly organized as group, containing the module’s name in the title. Learning material is offered online in these groups; internet-based cooperation and communication is possible. Students and small teams use groups as personal archive or as shared workspace .
Icon File Weblink Media
Files, Weblinks & Mediacasts
ILIAS supports file up- and download. Files of different format (pdf, doc, jpg, xls etc.) - separate or zipped in a folder structure - can be loaded up into the group’s container and are ready for download via your internet connection.
Weblinks support the organisation of URLs as links to external web resources.
Mediacasts are available to offer audio- (mp3) or videofiles (flv).

AULIS provides enough disk space for the exchange of study resources. The limited file upload size can be increased by the system administrator, if plausibly needed.
Icon Mail / Mail
The ILIAS-mail system supports you to send messages to single users or to address all members of a group at once. The username serves as email-address. File attachments are allowed.

On AULIS the internal mail system is mostly used in order to send groupmails via the option “Mail to members”. The settings of AULIS allow forwarding of incoming mails to your external email address. If you are owner of a mail account at Hochschule Bremen, you may read your AULIS-mails with the HSB-webmail service:
Icon Forum / Forum
The ILIAS Forum provides asynchronous exchange of written contributions. Forums are structured by „topics“; postings can be ordered by date, automatic notification can be enabled.

On AULIS forums are often used by learning teams in order to create, discuss or comment work results. A forum is an appropriate tool to organize group work. Forums keep records about discourse processes and can be observed by other forum members later on.
Icon Webmodule Wiki
Webmodule & Wiki
“ILIAS Learning Modules” and “Wikis” are websites, e.g. features to present webbased content to users, who only need an internet browser to get the content online or offline. The ILIAS Editor supports adding tables of content, navigation elements and linked pages with multimedia content in a simple way. Files of any format can be integrated for download.

On AULIS Learning Modules and Wikis are mostly used as online scripts for “stable content” and studies online or off-campus. Linking to other learning objects like forums, tests, surveys etc. supports the design of complex learning environments. Both features support cooperative writing scenarios online.
Icon Exercise
ILIAS-Exercise is a feature to send tasks to individuals or groups and to collect and comment incoming results (files).

On AULIS the exercise tool helps teachers to control deadlines and give overview of delivered solutions. Exercises substitute the function of the former used “submission folder” and augments it with feedback functionality.
Icon Test Survey
Test & Survey
The concept of the ILIAS Test &Assessment Tool is based on three main components: “question”, question pool” and “test”. ILIAS supports nine different question types (single and multiple choice, cloze, numeric, matching, ordering, test questions a.o.). Each question may be assigned a question text, achievable scores, possible answers, processing time etc. Each question may be assigned a question text, achievable scores, possible answers, processing time etc. Each question has to be stored within a question pool, from which it can be copied into a test for a group of persons. The system provides the users with the resulting statistics.
ILIAS Surveys work similar, but vary in question types and evaluation.

In AULIS online tests are used anonym or personalized, depending on the context: self-test, self-control of learning processes, preparing and doing exams. The presentation mode and scoring can be customized for every test.
Surveys are used to get opinions, feedback, and for evaluation of classes and seminars.
For detailed documentation of the features look up the following website:



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