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Living in Bremen - how, where and how much does it cost?

HOW to live?

  • with your parents
  • in your own flat
  • in a shared flat
  • in student housing

Depending on how you live, renting costs are between 300-400 EUR per month.

WHERE to live?

  • Neustadt: close to HSB - just a short trip from you flat to class
  • Viertel: popular - many want to live there - more expensive
  • Walle: trending - affordable - longer trip to HSB

Welcome Bonus

If you change your main place of residence to Bremen for the first time, you will be entitled to receive a welcome bonus of 150 EUR. Download your welcome bonus application form and find more assistance in official residence registration at the bremen service universität (bsu) "Ihr Stadtamt auf dem Campus".

Bulletin boards, addresses, etc.

Here you will find general information, contact points, addresses and information on prices:

Please also pay attention to advertisements posted on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. Many students search for subsequent new tenants who will take over their apartments or for new cohabitants.

Upon request, the International Office (IO) assists exchange students from partnership universities in their search for accommodation:

Master's degree students in need of assistance in searching for accommodation can turn to the ISA Service Agency for help.

Living for help


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