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How To Become a Sponsor

Deutschlandstipendium renders support amounting to 300 euros per month for at least one year to students and new university entrants whose career give reason to expect excellent academic or professional achievements. Fifty percent of the funds are contributed by private-sector sponsors, the other half from the German Federal Government.
In first year, up to 10,000 students benefitted from this alliance of civil societal commitment and state support provided by the German Federal Government. In 2011, students at Bremen University of Applied Sciences had the opportunity to apply for the Deutschlandstipendium for the first time. The number of applications for support was extraordinarily high.
What speaks in favor of supporting students at Bremen University of Applied Sciences?
The curriculum of Bremen University of Applied Sciences is almost a complete mirror of the regional economic structure. It comprises a total of 66 bachelor's and master's degree study courses as well as dual study courses, in which approx. 8,900 men and women are registered.

Bremen University of Applied Sciences is a "factory for skilled personnel" in Northwest Germany: Year after year, approx. 1,500 men and women successfully complete their studies at Bremen University of Applied Sciences, 670 of which graduate from the departments of engineering and life sciences, 574 from economic sciences, and 228 from social sciences and the humanities. Most graduates work in Bremen and the region after successfully completing their studies.

Orientation toward practical work and application: Our students are intensively committed to the future subjects of enterprises and the regional economy, not only in studying and academic teaching but also particularly in the scope of practical work semesters, internships and final examination work. The seven dual study courses at Bremen University of Applied Sciences are expressive of this close interaction between professional qualification and studies. In addition, the nearly 40 research and transfer institutes of Bremen University of Applied Sciences provide adequate answers to requested research and development issues.
Is there anything substantial that sponsors can do?
Sponsors who are interested can contact Bremen University of Applied Sciences directly (see heading "Contact Person"). They make it possible that the scholarship holders will be endowed with 150 euros per month.
A scholarship can be composed of funds originating from several sponsors. Sponsors may also create additional support opportunities, for example, practical training, further education or information events. The funds provided by the sponsors can be deducted from their respective income pursuant to Article 10b Paragraph 1 of the Internal Revenue Code as expenditures for tax-privileged purposes.
Do sponsors have a say in the matter?
Sponsors have a say when it comes to the question of how the funds are supposed to be used.
They can apply their support deliberately to a specific branch of study or a study course of their preferred choice. Two-thirds of all scholarships which the university approves of within one year may be bound to such a purpose. The remaining scholarships must be granted without a binding purpose. The selection committee decides which of the scholarship candidates are to be selected.
Please support in alliance with the Federal Government talented and proficient students registered at Bremen University of Applied Sciences– strengthen your regional networks and assume responsibility for education and a new generation of skilled employees!
Where can I get more information?
More information is available from the Commissioner of the President's Office in charge of the Deutschlandstipendium at Bremen University of Applied Sciences (see heading "Contact Person").



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