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Mission Statement

I. Introduction
We uphold the freedom of teaching, learning and researching within the framework of an understanding of science that is based on respect for democratic principles. We uphold our academic freedom and independence in awareness of our responsibility to society.
II. Profile
For several decades, we have been leading the way in shaping the special profile of a university of applied sciences. Our academic culture is focused on actively shaping future topics and social processes of change at the regional, national and international level, as well as on the education of specialists and leaders. We pursue science for the practice and with the practice.
III. International Scope
Going forward, we will continue to develop our outstanding international profile as our established brand. We live internationality and have an open and outward looking attitude. We open up perspectives in an international context and place importance on intercultural and international competences.
IV. Teaching and Learning
Our strength lies in practice-oriented education, which above all prepares our students for the requirements of the domestic and international job market. Our students acquire important competences for their personal development and the perception of social responsibility. We develop tailor-made offerings that meet the requirements of lifelong learning and equal opportunity in education. Systematic quality management and regular evaluation promote the achievement of our goals.
V. Research
We promote applied research with the aim of raising its interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and international profile, above all by focusing on key future issues. We see this as an important contribution to regional development, the topical relevance of application-oriented teaching, and the advancement of young academics.
VI. Transfer of Ideas, Knowledge and Technology
In the interest of civil society as well as the economy, policy makers and government, we foster a broad-based transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology as part of our mission. Through cooperation in joint development projects, educational and consulting services as well as by promoting business start-ups, we make an important contribution to the regional innovation system and the local region and help to face the challenge of globalisation.
VII. Gender Equity
The realisation of gender equality is a central objective at HSB: it is a goal we promote in all areas. At HSB, activities in this area are based on respect of human dignity, regardless of gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation, ideology, age or impairment.
VIII. Self-Conception and Value Orientation
Together we create an unmistakable place of inspiration and thus act as a strong driving force for the region. Our aim is to work in mutual esteem for one another, to create good working conditions and pull together in the interests of the university. We see diversity as an opportunity. We are committed to implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the principle of a university for all. Sustainability, cosmopolitanism, pluralism, inspiration and dependability are our core values.
IX. Structures
HSB creates service-oriented structures and processes in order to effectively and transparently meet the requirements of its diverse external and internal target groups and participants. This increases the efficiency of teaching, research and administration. We are open to new challenges and meet them with creative solutions.

Mission Statement as pdf file
Mission Statement as pdf file


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