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Hochschule Bremen

Personal Userpassword

The password is valid for the following services:
RZhsb (Computer Centre):
- access to CampInO for students
- password for emails
- access to the WLAN
- access to QIS/POS for lecturers
- login at the PC-pools of RZhsb
- file transfer service
- access to campus network per VPN
- access to the management of modules (HIS)
- login for protected content of the HIP server

- access to the learning platform AULIS

Guidance for a secure password

Please consider the following guidelines when choosing your password:
  • The password has to be min. 8 Characters and max. 14 characters in length
  • The password has to contain one character fromeach of the following four categories: 
    • German capital letters (A - Z, no umlauts)
    • German lowercase letters (a - z, no umlauts)
    • Arabic numerals (0 - 9)
    • Special characters, the following are permitted % + ' -  / ! , $
  • Spaces are not allowed.
  • The password must not imply your user name or other name components, such as first or last name .
  • Do not use sequences of letters from the keyboard like "qwerty".
  • The password must not form a term that could be found in a dictionary.
  • No personal information has to be included, such as your date of birth or your license number.
  • Choose a password that you can remember so it is unnecessary to write it down.
Change your RZhsb password
For changing your password, use this link please.
Forgot Your Password?
You can get a new password at the
Information at RZhsb.
A new password will be generated on inquiry. You get the new one per internal mail.


Access Keys: