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Language requirements for Faculty 5 – Mechanical Engineering / Naval Architecture: Minimum European Reference Level B 2.2, since classes and tests are only offered in German!

Note: MEAM (Fee-based Master Programme) is not accessible for exchange students. ILST is a Co-Op program with restricted entry.
Shipping and Chartering - Centre of Maritime Studies
ISSC and ISSM (Ship Management) are now fully available in English language. Please see the links below and feel free to ask our ISSC Service Center about issues concerning special modules/electives.
Engineering Fields
Industrial and Environmental Biology
These are the possibilities for international students in Environmental Biology:

(a) Specialization in environmental biology (B.Sc.):
- 7th semester Project Module I (6 ECTS)
- 7th semester Project Module II (6 ECTS)
Within these two combined modules the students are working on a common theme like, for example, “Investigation and evaluation of a nature reserve” or “River restoration”. The first module will finish with a proposal including state of the art, work plan, time schedule and costs. The second module will focus on lab- or fieldwork, and will finish with a presentation. There is no problem at all to teach everything in English. Our 7th semester students are just coming back from one year of study abroad, therefore having no problems in English communication.

(b) Specialization in environmental biology (M.Sc.):
- Module “Aquatic ecology” (6 ECTS).
This module is also suitable for international graduate students. The module puts strong emphasis on doing a water body evaluation following the specifications of Water Framework Directive. Thereby will do a little bit of fieldwork also (1, 2 or 3 days), investigating the fish fauna of a water body (e.g. river). Subsequently we are using our own, real data to do a realistic evaluation of the “ecological status” with national evaluation software. We could teach this module in English without any problems, to get exchange students well integrated.

Other possible modules offered in English upon request:
- Ecology and biodiversity of freshwater fish species
- Evaluation of water bodies against the background of European Water
Framework Directive using freshwater fishes as bioindicators
- Fishes as species of community interest within the EU Habitats Directive
- Restoration of degraded rivers using fishes as bioindicators, fish
communities as bio-indicators

(c) Individual projects within our research areas (river restoration, fish ecology, geobotany, and more - also framed by Web 2.0 Software for data collection and presentation)

For Microbiology, please have a look at our English Stream.
As a proposal to spend a whole year with ISTAB, please have a look at the partner information below.

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