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Incoming students

Welcome, dear incoming students! We offer a wide range of support for our exchange students.
Interested in our program? Please have a look at the News section of the Decentral International Office in the School of Nature and Engineering. We also recommend reading the To-Do-List set up by our International office.

Exchange students interested in spending a semester or two at our campus, please contact your international office first for instructions with how to proceed in your enrollment.

Among the Links section, you will find downloads and a database (in engineering fields) for your choice of classes where applicable.
The following courses are available:

ISTAB - Applied Biology (industrial and environmental strain)

ISSC - Shipping and Chartering

ISSM - Ship Management

ISB - Biomimetics

IDINO- Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

AT - Aerospace Technologies (Master, english)
MM - Master in Mechanical Engineering (german)
ENTEC-E - Energy Engineering - Electrical Strain (Bachelor, partly english)
ENTEC-T - Energy Engineering - Thermal Strain (s.a.)
FERT - Production Technology (Bachelor, Mechanical Engineering-based, german)
ILST - Aviation Systems Engineering and Management (Bachelor, mostly german)
IMEC - Mechanical Engineering Intern. Studies with China (german)
LUR - Aeronautics (Mechanical Engineering-based, Bachelor, partly english)
M - Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor, partly english)
MEAM - Master in Aeronautical Management (english, tuition based and hosted by our International Graduate Center).

General Study Classes open for for all students can be found in the link below, including our English Stream in Science and Engineering.

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