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How to find your time table / schedule for the Winter Semester 2017/18 (only Engineering classes)
The schedule won't be available until the middle of September, for our winter semester actually starts October 2nd!
However, you can compare with last year's schedules:
1. Please check for the desired modules on (Aktuelle Modulbeschreibungen)
and write down the codes of the courses
2. Click on the class you are in (guest-students might have several ones mixing levels or program) on
In the following, you will be able to find the codes and/or the lecturers (also abbreviations) within these timetables.
2nd PhD Seminar: “Efficient and proecological energy conversion and management”.
How to get your Transcript of Records
Official documents will not be distributed at the Farewell event, so be sure to inform your DIO as soon as possible about:
- your marks in our department (from Immatrikulationsamt or from Qis-Pos- pdf "overview" = list of records)
- your marks from KooWB (seminars in German, English, other languages, or General Studies)
- your marks from other faculties if taken any (sent by professor, or coordinator in charge to DIO Faculty 5)
- your contact person at home university for academic purposes
- Please also mention your student registration number!
In the Erasmus+ Programme, we will be happy to furnish part 3 of your Learning Agreement (outcomes of the mobility).
In case your marks/grades are not all yet accomplished, DIO Faculty 5 can issue a preliminary transcript prooving some modules to be still "in progress" (then some ECTS will be shown in grey letters and not comprised in the overall sum of ECTS below). Later on, the final version will be sent to you or your university (please verify the right address for this document to be sent to).
English Stream in Science and Engineering UAS Bremen!
Choose from a broad variety of engineering related classes offered to our English-speaking exchange students. All our faculties have contributed to this stream being updated frequently!
Please note that classes/courses in the School of International Business (SIB) - are primarily adressed to partner students from this school and only available on request.

NEW offers in our faculty:
Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in both semesters, Factory Planning in the Spring semester!
Language Requirements for Exchange Students in faculty 5
... at the time of your application:

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering German level B 2.2
Energy Engineering Double Degree with Colombia German level B 2
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering German level B 1.2 (since most classes will only be offered in German, but English tutoring is available as well as exams with English software).

Biomimickry/Bioengineering/Biomimetics (project work / internships / final thesis):
Good command of English necessary
Biology / TiGer Biotech: German B1, English B2

Nautical Science/Maritime Business Studies/Intern. Shipping and Chartering: English proficiency required for Master thesis and PhD dissertations, good command of English at least on a B 2.2 level

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