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Automation Engineering, Robotics and Embedded Systems
Today, production and control processes are running more rapidly, safely, and generally better because of integrated computer-controlled machinery and robotics. Our modern society with its highest-quality products would hardly be imaginable without automation engineering or the use of robotics. On the other hand, we stand on the threshold of new developments that will be instrumental in moulding our future. Interdisciplinary cooperation among the fields of mechanics, electronics and computer science (mechatronics) is fundamental to innovation. Modern and highly complex solutions are developed by taking advantage of the latest findings in sensor and control technology (embedded systems). We are working with our partners on numerous different projects in this area.
Mobile and Multimedia IT Applications
Traditional media, such as newspaper, radio, television, photography and film have been supplemented by new media, in ways largely based on the internet. PDAs are replacing calendars, we communicate using mobile phones, PCs play a dominant role in everyday office processes. Our world is controlled by software – stationary, mobile and increasingly multimedia-based. Numerous software development projects demonstrate our competence in this research and development field.
Our research areas:
Micro Systems, Photonics and Communication Technology
Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency



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