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International Degree Programme Ship Management B.Sc. (Nautical Science)

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Course Start
winter semester

Application Period
1 June until 15 July on

Entry Requirements
+ General university entry qualification ("Abitur") or restricted university entry qualification ("Fachhochschulreife") or
+ In special cases classification test/special admission

Good knowledge in English is required (recommended: English level B2 - the course are in English).

Applications for the degree program “ISMN" International Ship Management (Nautical Sciences) are possible without any practical sea service time.
A practical semester is scheduled for the 5th semester and aims to 6 months sea service.

For further information regarding admission requirements and general information to the study course files can be downloaded (as pdf) at the end of this page. Also refer to the websites of HSB concerning admission for foreigners.

Please be advised that for a job on board of a seagoing ship a personal medical health certificate and safety trainings are required. These are not part of the study course!

Course Duration
7 semesters including one internship semester (6 months training on board) and bachelor thesis.

According to STCW and the German regulation (Seeleute-Befähigungsverordnung SeeBV) in total 12 months sea service are mandatory to gain a German STCW Certificate of Competence. A Training Record Book must document the times.

The training at sea can be gained as NOA (Apprentice/Nautical Officer Assistant), by a German apprenticeship as Ship Mechanic (SM) or as Cadet.

The University recommends, to achieve the first 6 months sea service ahead of the study course as apprentice (as NOA or Ship Mechanic). Such sea service times will be credited to gain a Certificate of Competence. Approvals for sea service times will be given for NOA and SM by BBS (Berufsbildungsstelle See, Bremen), for all others by the German flag state administration BSH (Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie, Hamburg).

Remaining sea services (which must be done in addition to the 6 months in the practical semester) may be achieved flexible by additional semesters in the study programme.

Language of instruction

Bachelor of Science
The STCW-Certificate of Competence as Nautical Officer Of the Watch (OOW) according STCW will be issued by the German flag state administration. Mandatory are the graduation as B.Sc., the required 12 months training on board and a level B2 in German.
The degree program contains the theory also for the STCW management level (i.e. Chief Officer and Captain). Additional sea service is required to get the German Certificate of Competence as C/O or Master.

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    Questions concerning content and structure, sea service and certificate of competence:
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    Boelmans, Stefan +49 421 5905 4104  send

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