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The focus of the Master's programme that is offered here is on "the optimisation of the systems of environmental engineering and recycling processes".

At the same time the Master's programme in Environmental Engineering at Bremen University of Applied Sciences is set up to provide training in the independent elaboration of methods in the current areas of responsibility affecting the field of environmental engineering. At the same time the course of study is aimed especially at the acquisition of the following occupational skills:

A deepened understanding of the natural scientific foundations of the subject specialty and their connection with the employed technologies

- The ability to better describe and assess the real risks of environmental impacts ("risk assessment")
- The ability in engineering terms to further "thrash out" the technologies which have been developed so far in order to improve the viability and sustainability of the systems
- The ability to deal with instabilities in the operation of systems and at the same time to develop methods with which to increase future process stability
- The ability to design and use adequate monitoring and process control systems
- The ability to manage projects successfully and efficiently
- The ability to take into account ecological, economic, social and legal aspects simultaneously

The M.Sc. programme in Environmental Engineering has been accredited by the Zentrale Evaluations- und Akkreditierungsagentur Hannover (ZEvA) [Central Evaluation and Accrediting Agency of Hannover].



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