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Practical Orientation

Students of the International Degree Programme in Tourism Management (ISTM) can apply what they have learned in a practical way via the projects of the Learners' Company, the integrated semester abroad (5th and 6th semesters) and the numerous high-quality guest lectures.

Learners’ Company

The Learners' Company is the "practical workshop" of the programme and offers students the opportunity to gather practical experience as early as the 4th semester. It also represents a special feature of the International Degree Programme in Tourism Management. Practical projects with companies from the tourism industry are undertaken jointly with the International Degree Course in Applied Leisure Studies (IPAF) of Bremen University of Applied Sciences. In collaboration with representatives from the actual working world the Learners' Company offers students the opportunity to take part in tourism projects, thereby providing task-based learning with a practical orientation.
The program coordinator of the Learners' Company is Claudia Freimuth.

Year abroad (fifth and sixth semesters)

ISTM students spend the 5th semester in different parts of the world at one of more than 60 partner universities of the School of International Business (SIB). For their studies abroad, students select modules from the following three areas whose content is integrated into the curriculum as an elective component:

  • Area I: Business Management/ Tourism Management
  • Area II: Culture / Intercultural
  • Area III: Tourism Politics / Tourism Economy and Geography.

The fourth module is a so called "open module", where students have the choice to select (almost) any subject including one outside their partner university, e.g. by working for a charity or non-profit organization.

The practical semester abroad takes place in the 6th semester. It consists of an internship lasting at least 20 weeks in a company, an institution belonging to the tourism industry itself or which is related to tourism. The stay abroad in the 5th and 6th semesters is a compulsory part of the curriculum for all ISTM students.

Amongst others in the modules Intercultural Management, Foreign Language, country-specific Culture Studies and Tourism studies: teaching, research and campus culture, the students prepare themselves intensively and professionally for the stay abroad. Upon their return they reflect on their experiences and transfer them to their personal career and life planning.

Guest lectures

Every semester ISTM students have the opportunity to take part in high-quality guest lectures, when representatives from the working world are invited to give a paper on interesting and current topics as part of a special event.




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