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The Bachelor’s Degree "Mechanical Engineering with focus on the economic area China" (MAWIC) from Bremen University of Applied Sciences follows the paramount goal of conveying an education based upon a foundation of scientific insight and methods, which is achieved through practice-oriented learning. The study course is oriented around the qualification profile of technical planning and the technological and logistical management of production companies that share globally-spread resources in particular with China.

The MAWIC course focuses on the mediation of special competencies required for the planning and management of shared production processes between Germany and China. The current endeavours of German companies should thereby bear in mind to use

• Chinese companies as an extended workbench (structural engineering in general),
• to allow building parts and components for serial products to be delivered from China (e.g. automobile construction) or
• to carry out own production companies in China in order to facilitate the entry into China’s market (e.g. automobile construction, aircraft construction).

Students of this study course should prepare themselves particularly for the linguistic and cultural challenges of China. Besides engineering competencies, special skills of the spoken and written language as well as basics in the regional studies, culture, economy and laws of China, shall be conveyed. In this way, graduates should find themselves in a situation in which they can move about independently in China and take on managerial positions specifically in Chinese and German production companies.

The competence 'Mechanical Engineering with focus on the economic area China B.Eng.' in its modular structure complies the "Bremer Modell" (Bremener model). Integrated is a practice semester, which must be undertaken in China and which begins with a four-week intensive course and targeted care at a Chinese partner university. The completion of the degree is brought about by the Bachelor thesis in the 8th semester.



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