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Diagnostic Assessment Test

Pursuant to Art. 33 Para. 5 in Conjunction with Art. 57 of Bremen's Higher Education Act

Applicants may be admitted to the diagnostic assessment test who

successfully completed an at least two-year apprenticeship

  • recognized profession or an equally organized occupation requiring formal training,
  • vocational training, or
  • apprenticeship in an employment under public law at the time of their application;

have a minimum of three years of professional experience after having completed apprenticeship, or an apprenticeship according to Point 1 and an overall minimum professional experience of 5 years, or

in deviation of Point 1 and 2, pursed for a minimum of five years a regular full-time occupation in a   field which is comparable with the requirements of the respective apprenticeship.

  • In addition to periods of occupation, periods of independent household management with at least one person in need of rearing or nursing care and periods of service (e.g. alternative civilian service, military service, voluntary year of social work, etc.) will be credited. The same applies to periods of unemployment of up to one year certified by the unemployment office, provided that the applicant participated in measures of advanced vocational training and further education during his or her term of unemployment.

  • Instead of an apprenticeship, an occupation which is comparable with that of a skilled worker will be acceptable, if it has been pursued for a minimum of five years. Occupations which are comparable with regard to time and demanded skills and do not necessarily require a pertinent apprenticeship (for example, artistic or literary occupations, social activities), or a comparable qualification which is especially certified, will also be accepted.

  • Relevant advanced professional training and further education measures conducted in connection with a professional activity are to be considered; they are to demonstrate that knowledge and skills have been acquired which increase the applicant's aptitude for higher education with regard to the chosen study course.

Applications for admission to the diagnostic assessment test, which are to include

  • name of the study course aspired,

  • certificate of completed apprenticeship,

  • references and/or certificates of professional experience,

  • certificates of successful completion of advanced professional training and further education measures,

  • curriculum vitae, passport photograph and a copy of your passport or identity card

mutst be send for the following winter semester no later tahn February 15 to this address:

Hochschule Bremen
D3 - Herr Feidicker / Frau Krebs
Neustadtswall 30
28199 Bremen

Your application shall explain as to what extent, according to your opinion, your professional experience and advanced professional training and further education measures have created beneficial conditions for you to study at Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

Allocation of admissions proceeds pursuant to the ordinance regulating the decentralized allocation of university places. A quota is reserved for "professionally qualified persons". A minimum of one place can be allocated to special admission applicants.

Passing the diagnostic assessment test (subject-specific technical college maturity) is therefore not automatically coupled with an entitlement to an allocation of a place in an admission-restricted study course!
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