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Cooperative Studies and Training

Behind the cooperative studies and training stands the idea of educating and training students by applying a two-pronged strategy, i.e. offering alternating stages of theoretical instruction and practical work experience. Prior to their studies at the university students close an apprenticeship or study contract with a company and commit themselves to work for that company during free periods when no lectures are held. In return, these students receive a monetary compensation for the entire duration of their studies. 

At Bremen University of Applied Sciences two variants are to be distinguished:

  •  An apprenticeship-integrated dual study course: studies (theory) will be accompanied by professional training in firmly integrated stages of practical training. In addition to a university degree (bachelor) you will acquire a certified qualification in a recognized profession that requires formal training. 
  • The cooperative study courses combines university studies with stages of practical work experience. A completed apprenticeship may also be acquired by passing an external examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Conditional to both variants is that both, university and Enterprise, coordinate their activities, work together and close a cooperation contract which regulates the respective obligations in a binding manner.

The cooperative studies and training programs at Bremen University of Applied Sciences:

The following study course does not comply with the Definition of the cooperative studies and training programs but is comparable with it.



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