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Hochschule Bremen

October – Courses Begin!


The following documents are necessary for registration:

  • Documentation of health insurance coverage in Germany (see Health Insurance)
  • Copy of your passport, including visa
  • Personal map (you will receive it there)
  • Transaction record attesting to payment of semester fees

You will receive your student identification and public transportation semester pass from the Registrar’s Office, once you have prepared all of these documents. The semester pass is valid for travel on all buses and streetcars in and around Bremen.

We recommended that you open a German bank account at the beginning of your stay, in order to easily transfer payments for rent, semester fees, etc. without having to pay additional charges. You may open a bank account at any bank of your choice.

Please remember that larger payments will be required at the beginning of your stay (first rent payment, room deposit, personal liability insurance, health insurance, etc.)



Access Keys: