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May to July of the Year of Study

Applicants from EU countries or countries with which the same agreement has been made do not require a visa for entry into Germany. Simply go to the Office for Foreigners after your arrival in Bremen to have a residency permit issued. The Office for Foreigners has a branch on the University campus for the use of all foreign students.

Bremen Service Universität
D-28359 Bremen
(Zentralbereich, Pavillon Ebene 0)

Phone: +49-421 218 -61020, -61021, -61022
Fax.: +49-421 218 -61025

All other students require a student visa for entry into Germany (residency permit visible in visa). Do NOT enter Germany with a tourist visa. It may not be exchanged for a student visa. The visa can be applied for at a German embassy or consulate.

You must additionally display:

  • a valid passport
  • registration documentation or an acceptance letter from the University, or a confirmation of application that indicates, that an offer of admission has been extended
  • evidence of having registered your domicile
  • guaranteed funds (currently € 7,908 per year)
  • an up-to-date biometric photo
  • evidence of health insurance

Please inquire at the German embassy or consulate Auswärtigen Amtes in your native country about the regulations that apply in your case. You will also receive information about which documents must be attached to your application. In some countries, the visa application must be accompanied by documentation of health insurance coverage. (see also Krankenversicherung)

In order to have a visa issued, you require a confirmation that you have applied from the University, as well as evidence of the required funds. The Foreigners’ Bureau calculates a monthly requirement of approximately € 659 (€ 7,908 per year). The full amount must be placed in a separate account by the time you apply for your visa and documentation thereof provided. The amount must be in the account for the entire time you are in Germany. You may additionally provide proof of the requisite funds by presenting evidence of your parents’ salary or a bond.

Prepare the visa application yourself, do not use an agency.



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