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Germany Scholarship
The Germany Scholarship "Deutschlandstipendium" was intiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and aims to award students who can be distinguished with a good level of academic expertise, social, voluntary activities and personal development.

The Germany Scholarship intends to support and to sponsor talented young professionals in their academic career.
Otto Benecke Foundation e.V.

The Otto Benecke Foundation, acting for the federal government, administers scholarship programmes for university study and other training for ethnic German immigrants, those granted asylum status and contingent refugees who want to begin or continue university education, provided they are 30 years of age and younger. Ethnic German immigrants and contingent refugees through 49 years of age who have completed university education in their native country may also receive funding.

Konrad Adenauer Foundation

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation grants scholarships to gifted students of all fields who perform above average in their field, are active in politics and the community and who share Christian – Democratic values. Applications may usually only be made after the second semester. The age limit is 32 years. The Young Journalist Assistance Programme is also administered by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and is an employment-oriented special programme for gifted students of all fields who meet the general criteria for gifted student support and who expect to work in journalism because of their interest and background knowledge. German citizens who have completed university education may apply for acceptance in the German Graduate Support Programme, provided that they have obtained permission to pursue graduate or further studies at a public or state-recognised university, in accordance with the German Constitution. Financial support is provided by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research and the German Foreign Office. They are granted in accordance with BaföG directives that apply equally to all foundations supporting gifted students.

Friedrich Ebert Foundation

The scholarship programmes of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation support German and foreign students and graduate students who have achieved above-average results and can demonstrate their social, political and community involvement. Women in particular are encouraged to apply. Germans and those who have been accorded the same status, who study at a state-recognised university or applied university, may apply until their fourth semester (applied sciences university students until their second semester). Scholarships exclusively for study abroad and second degrees will not be granted. Foreign students studying at public or state-recognised universities (not applied sciences universities) in Germany may apply after successfully completing their initial studies (Grundstudium). German and foreign graduates with an above-average final grade in their degree course may apply for a graduate scholarship.

Friedrich Naumann Stiftung

The academic excellence support programme is open to German and foreign students and graduate students at universities in Germany. Academic excellence, personal qualities, as well as liberal-minded social and political involvement are required for acceptance. First-time degree courses, continued education and doctoral studies receive support. Foreign applicants from certain countries designated by the Foundation pursuing doctoral or continued studies will receive priority.

Hanns Seidel Foundation

German students of all fields who are registered at a university or applied university or arts and music university in Germany are entitled to apply for a Hanns Seidel Foundation scholarship. Scholarships granted to applied university and university students have focused on the theme of journalism since 1995. Applicants registered for a second degree course and those older than 32 years of age may not apply. The foundation also provides doctoral scholarships to graduate students. After the trial or initial year of support, a written application for funding to study abroad may be made, provided the period abroad is not greater than two semesters and is relevant to the pursuit of a degree course at a German university.

Heinrich Böll Foundation

The academic division of the Heinrich Böll Foundation grants 80 to 100 scholarships annually for university study, continued education and doctoral studies to exceptional German and foreign students and graduate students of all fields who combine above-average academic and personal performance with a verifiable readiness to accept responsibility. Through supporting women, particularly in science and technical fields, the Foundation seeks to reduce the under representation of women in academia.

German Federal Foundation for the Environment

The German Federal Foundation for the Environment grants doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships to qualified young researchers of all fields. The scholarship programme is open to all applicants, regardless of citizenship. Foreign applicants are however required to have completed their university education in Germany. Since environmental protection and conservation require interdisciplinary research, proposals that reach beyond the boundaries of individual disciplines and link research, technology, business and society will receive preferential consideration.

Hans-Böckler Foundation

The Hans Böckler Foundation of the DBG funds scholarships to the Business and Politics University in Hamburg, applied sciences universities, institutes for acquiring the necessary certification for university-level study and night schools for children of employees and those who have completed their secondary school education at a later time - at public and state-recognised universities, comprehensive universities, technical universities and teachers’ universities in all fields. The Foundation also funds periods of study abroad for recipients of their scholarships. Studies pursued abroad are generally funded for one academic year. The Foundation funds doctoral scholarships in all fields. Medical students may only in special circumstances receive funding. Foreign applicants may receive funding if have the necessary qualifications for acceptance into a doctoral programme at a German university. Doctoral studies to be pursued entirely abroad can generally not be funded.

Cusanuswerk, Episcopal Academic Funding

Cusanuswerk is the organ of the Catholic Church that funds outstanding students with public money. In particular, it provides support to outstanding Catholic students in all fields during their degree course and doctoral studies. Cusanuswerk funds recipients partly through a scholarship and partly though extensive educational opportunities. Foreign students studying at a German university can be funded if they have completed secondary school (Abitur) in Germany, or if their parents pay taxes in Germany.

Evangelisches Studienwerk e.V. Haus Villigst

The Evangelisches Studienwerk e.V. Villigst funds exceptional Protestant students and doctoral candidates in all fields, studying at universities and applied universities, as well as artistic and teachers’ universities. It is funded by the Federal State churches of the Protestant Church in Germany. Doctoral candidates who have previously received funding from the organisation usually receive the doctoral scholarships. Depending on the number of scholarships, other applicants may also receive funding.




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