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Courses Begin!

Incoming students receive all relevant information for the enrolment after their admission by e-mail.
If you have made arrangements with the International Office or your landlord/landlady, a student at the University will pick you up and bring you to your room.
NEWS – Newcomer Service

The International Office organises a series of introductory events before lectures start for students of partner universities, the Newcomer Service NEWS. During these weeks, you will be able to have all your questions about registration, opening a bank account, health insurance, semester fees, etc. answered. In addition to your student identification, you will also receive your semester pass. It entitles you to free use of all buses and streetcars in and around Bremen.

The International Office will inform you of all activities and offers at the University for foreign students from partner universities.

We recommended that you open a German bank account at the beginning of your stay, in order to easily transfer payments for rent, semester fees, etc. without having to pay additional charges. You may open a bank account at any bank of your choice.

Please remember that larger payments will be required at the beginning of your stay (first rent payment, room deposit, personal liability insurance, health insurance, etc.)



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