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Health Insurance

Health Insurance
In order to get enrolled at a German university, sufficient health insurance coverage is mandatory for all students.
European Students
Students from the European Union just need to show a valid European Insurance card or proof of membership (for the whole study period in Bremen!) with the enrollment in Bremen.
Students from outside of the European Union
must be insured with a German health insurance company.
If you are under the age of 30 years you can register with a state health insurance company, e.g. AOK, TK or Barmer Krankenkasse. Insurance costs approximately EUR 100/month.
TK - Techniker Krankenkasse
Health partner of Hochschule Bremen

Mr Matthias Kurzawski

AOK Bremen
Don't forget to bring additional documents like copies of immunization card, dietary restrictions or allergies (allergy pass card).
Proof of health insurance for the visa application
You can apply for German public health insurance in advance and use the confirmation when applying for your student visa with a German embassy in your home country.

Please complete the insurance companies' application forms and send it to the Health Insurance representative. You will receive a confirmation valid for your Visa. Please print this confirmation and provide it as proof of health insurance to the German embassy.
Please note:
Foreign health insurance policies or travel insurances that limit costs of treatment or duty to provide benefits or duration are NOT recognized in Germany.
30 years or older?
Students who are 30 years of age or older can generally no longer obtain insurance from the Student Health Insurance organisation (exceptions made!).

You have the option of voluntarily purchasing more coverage from the public health insurance system or switching to a private health insurance provider.



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