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A successful cooperation between science and business plays an important role for the regional economy. The cooperation and transfer between businesses and the university can take on various forms, takes place on many levels, and in a variety of modes. This kind of transfer processes between businesses and science is quantitatively and qualitatively of great importance in its long-practiced form (research contract, consulting commission, project cooperation). In addition, the same applies to its underlying reasons such as the company gaining access to the newest research results in the subject areas of its interest in order to implement problem solutions suitable for practical application. At the university and research institutions, the experts in the subject matters are offered significant insights into practical areas that are important for the academic work of teaching and research. For future academics, the cooperation offers early experiences in the business world. Therefore, cooperating with businesses is of great significance for the research and development work in study programs and institutes of Hochschule Bremen.

Hochschule Bremen actively pursues responsibility for a successful transfer
- with its work-related orientation and application orientation
- with its multitude of existing cooperation and networks
- by integrating the Northwest Network for Patent Utilization - innowi – for additional information go to:
- numerous activities in the area of project support
- promoting business start-ups , support and provision of the proper infrastructure for university professors, research personnel, and students.
- integrating the university initiative BRIDGE – for additional information go to:
- through diverse research projects
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