Beginn 07.11.2022
Ende 06.02.2023
Termin 11 sessions on Mondays, 11:00 - 15:15 h, Start: 07.11.2022
(no class on 12.12.2022)
Ort Hybrid Course (classroom teaching possible depending on regulations)
Entgelt free of charge
Maximale Teilnehmer:innenzahl 12
Dozent:in Mr. Heiko de Beaufort
Kontakt Kirstin Reil, kirstin.reil@hs-bremen.de


The course covers different topics such as:

- Organisations and their structures

- Human Resource Management

- Marketing / Customer Relationship Management

- Leadership and Decision making (methods and processes, e.g. SWOT analysis)

- Business Strategies

The content will be designed according to the needs of the group.


A large part of the course will be based on the book “Best Practice – Ideas and Insights from the World’s Foremost Business Thinkers”.


The course starts online this semester with the option to change to face-to-face teaching. Combination of live sessions with lectures, group work, discussions + material on learning platform AULIS


international students and other students of the non-business faculties


The module is designed for non-business students seeking insight into the world of business. It provides students with an introduction to general business issues and functions and offers the opportunity to add a business-oriented management component to their science, arts or engineering studies.


examination: presentation


case study work, group work, presentations, discussion




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VANR: 11204

Thema: General Management Studies (for non-business students)


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