Beginn 01.10.2021
Ende 22.11.2021
Termin Start: 1st of October 201 - End: mid/end of November 2021
Ort online
Entgelt entgeltfrei / free of charge
Maximale Teilnehmer:innenzahl 15
Dozent:in Adrian Toroslu, M.Sc., https://www.hs-bremen.de/person/atoroslu/
Zur Person Adrian Toroslu, adrian.toroslu@hs-bremen.de
Kontakt Zentrum für Lehren und Lernen
E-Mail: tsklarek@hs-bremen.de
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This module serves to develop innovation and problem-solving skills which are important for successful work in companies and other organizations.


Kick-off workshop, 1st October 2021, online:

• Introduction of the challenges and company partners: Challenges will come from interesting small and multinational companies (Liebherr, Rhomberg Bau, etc.) and evolve around the themes of future of living and construction.

• Crash-course introducing the design thinking and idea generation methods.

• Introduction to the InnoDays event schedule and webpage: Students will receive some instructions for some creative and problem-solving homework, that needs to be completed shortly after this workshop.


InnoDays event, 20-22 October 2021, online:

• Students from different universities virtually and collaboratively work towards innovative solutions to one of the challenges.

• Students work in multidisciplinary teams, consisting of about 5 people from different backgrounds, e.g., design, business, engineering, and other disciplines.

• During the InnoDays students will receive feedback and guidance from lecturers, coaches, and company experts.


Follow-up workshop (half a day in November 2021), online:

• Students and mentors from HSB will jointly reflect on their experiences and learnings.

• Exact day and time will be determined with all participants during the kick-off workshop.


What else is in it for you?

• Get to know cool companies which are interested in connecting with young and engaged students for future collaboration (e.g., bachelor/master thesis projects or internships)

• Chance to expand your network and get in touch with innovation experts of companies, coaches, and students from other universities

• The experience to work in a multidisciplinary team and by doing so enhancing your collaboration and communication skills.

• Possibility to gain insights into some of the pressing issues and challenges which drive companies’ competitive edge.


Evaluation and assessment: Active participation during the kick-off workshop and the InnoDays event as well as a short-written reflection on the key learnings.

Participation in all workshops and the event is compulsory.

There is a limited number of available spaces. In case of any questions and in addition to signing up, please contact the lecturer (adrian.toroslu@hs-bremen.de) with information regarding your degree program and the number of semesters you have studied.



• Start: 1st of October 2021

• End: mid/end of November 2021

• Dates:

o 1st of October 2021 (9:30am – 16pm): Kick-off workshop for all participants of the HSB.

o 20th-22nd October 2021: One afternoon/evening (20th) and two full days (21st/22nd) where the official InnoDays event takes place.

o Half a day in November 2021 (tbd. with participants): Follow-up session for all participants of the HSB.


• This module is for master students and bachelor students in their final year of study.

• Students of all disciplines are welcome (e.g., design, business, or technical). Prior knowledge is not needed.

• Working language at the InnoDays is English, therefore a medium level of English proficiency is required (do not worry too much about this requirement, only a small percentage of participants are native English speakers). The workshops will take place in English unless all participants speak German.


The issue of closing the gap between academically learned knowledge and skills and the practical application of such knowledge and skills is a persisting challenge. Therefore, this module offers students the possibility to move beyond the academic setting and apply their knowledge in order to work on real issues and challenges of firms. Thereby, students develop and improve two sets of skills: First, practical innovation and problem-solving skills, and second, collaborative and communicative skills while working in a multidisciplinary team.


Blended-learning consisting of interactive online workshops and the online InnoDays event as well as independent and self-organized individual and group work.


VANR: 11018

Thema: InnoDays Fall 2021 – Innovate with Company Partners!

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