Beginn 28.10.2021
Ende 03.02.2022
Termin 7 sessions on Thursday from 14:30 - 18 h:
28 October 2021
11, 18 and 25 November 2021
6 and 20 January 2022
3 February 2022
Ort Online Course (classroom teaching possible depending on regulations)
Entgelt free of charge
Maximale Teilnehmer:innenzahl 16
Dozent:in Mary Jacinta Musundi-Beez
Kontakt Kirstin Reil, kirstin.reil@hs-bremen.de


Introduction to culture:

- What is culture?

- our cultural self, complexities and diversities within our culture


Knowing other cultures:

- outlook to the world

- orientation and goals in education

- prejudices and stereotypes

- values and attitudes

- working with complexity


Culture, communication and developing inter-cultural skills:

- communicating effectively

- language and culture


Issues of integration:

- inclusion and exclusion

- identity and intergroup relations

- culture clashes


Intercultural competence, education and careers:

- embracing multiculturalism


The course takes place online this semester. Combination of live sessions with lectures, group work, discussions + material on learning platform AULIS


international students and other students


This course aims to provide students with introductory knowledge of intercultural competence and communication. It will draw on theories of sociology, psychology, communication and cultural studies.


By the end of the course, students should be able to

- understand and accept the complexity of culture

- be able to understand issues of minority groups, prejudices and stereotypes

- understand issues of inter-cultural communication: barriers and aids

- understand and be able to cultivate appropriate knowledge, values and skills to be able to interact in cross cultural context

- be able to reflect on their own cultures and their experiences in Germany


The course will involve a mix of several methods of teaching. For all session, short inputs by the lecturer will be followed by exercises developed by the lecturer. These exercises will include individual work, group work and discussions.


Examination: written assignments (graded)


VANR: 10867

Thema: Intercultural Competence and Communication

für Studierende (falls zutreffend)



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