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Student Representatives

Independent Student Committee (AStA)
The AStA is the all-department special interest group of the student body at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. It is actually the central office of the student body and manages the entire semester fees of the students. The AStA is to inform the students about all issues that concern them. The AStA provides BAföG-and social counseling.

Please contact the AStA for information about student representation and committees at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen.

Student Body
Students registered at the university constitute the student body. As such, they are privileged to take an active part in shaping the developmental processes of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. The student body must consider all matters of the student body of university and society and contribute to the realization of the university's objectives and assignments. It has the privilege and the obligation of self-administration and representation of interests.

Committees (in the legal sense) of the student body are the General Assembly (VV), the Ballot Vote (UA), the Student Council (SR), the Independent Student Committee (AStA) and the Faculty Student Representative Committees. Faculty and course related interest representations may also be founded (e.g. semester representative/spokesperson).

Faculty Student Representative Committee
The Faculty Student Representative Committees are student representations of all students who belong to one faculty. There are five of such committees at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. They are bodies of so-called student self-administration. The Faculty Student Representative Committees, for example, talks with the deans and administration. The First Chairperson of the Faculty Student Representative Committee is concomitantly also a member of the Department Student Council (FSR).

Departmental Student Council (FSR)
The Departmental Student Council (FSR) is supposed to serve the purpose of information exchange and to find ways of identifying common problems and working areas for subsequent united action. The FSR has a veto right in the Student Council. If a decision is taken which the members of the FSR do not approve of they can raise objection and the subject must be put on the agenda again at the next session of the Student Council.

Committee elections  are held every winter semester. All students of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen are entitled to vote either by ballot box vote or postal vote for their representatives in the Academic Senate (AS), the Faculty Committees (FR), the Student Council (SR) and the respective Faculty Student Representative Committees.

Please note that the election dates will be posted on the campus.

Academic Senate (AS)
The Academic Senate is the university's central decision-making body. Its competences are regulated by Article 80 Paragraph 1 of Bremen's Higher Education Act . The Academic Senate is composed of professors, employees and students of The University of Applied Sciences Bremen. Committees of the Academic Senate: the Central Committee of Feminist Issues (ZKFF), the Ballot Committee of The University of Applied Sciences Bremen, the Election Scrutinizing Committee, the Objection Committee, the Joint Libraries Committee of the Universities in the Regional State of Bremen.

Faculty Committee (FR)
The Faculty Committee is the decision-making body of the respective faculties composed of all status groups (professors, employees, students). It elects the Dean and appoints the Committees on Teaching and the Curriculum and the Boards of Examiners.

Student Council (SR)
The Student Council is the parliament of students at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and is the most influential body of student self-administration. It consists of 25 elected student members. The Student Council is the supervisory board which controls the AStA and it also elects members of the latter in and out of office.



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