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Time scheduling

On the one hand, time scheduling is about organizing one's everyday work at the university.

The students have the opportunity to determine the course of their studies in terms of time all by themselves. They have to keep informed about the curriculum and examination schedules of their study courses.

Courses are predominately held Monday through Friday and to some extent in block seminars on weekends. Courses are divided in so-called modules.

A module is a didactic unit (subject or combination of subjects). A module might be composed of various forms of teaching and learning, such as lectures, exercises, seminars or multimedia-based and internet-based learning.

The required time of the teaching unit of a module is usually stated in hours per week (SWS). The module normally consists of 5 hours per week, (e.g. a module with lectures 2 hours/week, laboratory work 2 hours/week and exercises 1 hour/week). The university will give six credit points for a successfully completed module at the end of the semester.

Apart from compulsory modules which concern the core areas of your field of study required electives or required options may be offered.


Conditional for attendance of a module is your --> registration!
A module registration is simultaneously your registration for examination!

On the other hand, time scheduling means conscientiously creating one's own course of studies. The examination/course statutes determine how many and which of the modules offered must be completed for a student to be admitted to the final examinations at the end of a study course.

Please seek information about the modules offered and the examination/course regulations on the internet pages of your faculty or ask your faculty administration.



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