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Studying abroad and internships

You can obtain information on spending time abroad from many different people.

Please first address the academic teaching staff of your faculty and/or study course who are in touch with the partner universities as "international program coordinators" or "internship coordinators" or the Departmental International Office (DIO) which is responsible for you.

You will get interesting tips from students who have already been abroad (returnees) and from exchange students of the partner universities who are currently in Bremen. Cultural institutes and embassies of the target countries are also good external sources of information.

Please find the Departmental International Office (DIO) responsible for you, an information brochure as well as additional notices for Outgoing Students on the pages of the International Office (IO).

The International Office advises students who are interested in spending a semester abroad on scholarship opportunities, scholarship programs and existing university partnerships. You will receive informative material and in many cases application documents for scholarship programs. Make an appointment for a comprehensive interview in order to obtain further information you may need for your stay abroad.

Language skills

There are two self-learning centers at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen where you can learn up to 18 different foreign languages free of charge and all by yourself.


  • Neustadtswall, room FS014/ FS015,
  • Werderstraße, room B112/ B113

The Office for Further Education (KOOWB) at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen offers additional language courses to students.

Registration during a semester spent abroad

Students of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen who spend a part of their studies abroad (compulsory semester abroad) must remain registered at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen in order to guarantee that the study abroad program can be credited. Only then the student status and the student's healthcare insurance remain unaffected. You should by all means seek information from your international program coordinator, the DIO and/or the Academic Registrar's Office prior to your stay abroad about the regulations that apply to you.



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