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Module Registration

Registration for modules and Examinations

At the beginning of each semester, the students choose the modules they wish to attend and register for the modules they are to be enrolled in (Article 10 Paragraph 1 (AT BPO and AT MPO)).

An examination can only be taken after registration for the respective module. 

Module registration for the SUMMER semester 2020
Registration for modules is possible as soon as lecture starts: March 09,  2020
Module registration deadline: May 15, 2020

Extension of the module registration until
May 15, 2020

Students are allowed to register for a maximum of 5 modules each semester; a renewed registration in the event of failing a module examination or resignation from a module examination in the form of a term paper written under supervision ("Klausur") pursuant to Article 15 Paragraph 4 (AT BPO and AT MPO) for up to two modules remains unaffected. Upon filing a substantiated request, the course adviser is privileged to permit the registration of further modules in each individual case if it can be expected that the student is capable of fulfilling the additional requirements ensuing therefrom. A withdrawal from examinations to be taken while the lecture term is in progress (e.g. term papers, lectures) is only possible before the assignment has been issued. Withdrawal from oral examinations may proceed, at the latest, two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the examination to be taken. Any withdrawal from an examination must be declared in written form.

In case of term papers written under supervision ("Klausuren") withdrawal is deemed as fulfilled when the candidate fails to appear at the time scheduled for the examination. Students who withdraw from the first examination date, or fail an examination, remain registered for a subsequent, second examination date (retake examination pursuant to Article 14 Paragraph 4). In the event that a student also fails to appear to the retake examination withdrawal will be deemed as fulfilled. A new module registration will now be required.

If your study course is part of the online module registration procedure (QIS-POS), you will need your user name and password obtained from the Computer Centre (RZhsb).

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