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The goals, design and contents of the programme are aimed at the needs which the labour market has for engineers in general as well as for those who work in the field of maritime technology in particular.

Of primary consideration are the experiences and structures of a scientifically supported but at the same time intentionally practically oriented training at a technical college.

The practical reference is deepened through parallel skilled worker training with completion of the degree at a partner shipyard.

In the basic studies phase (1st to 4th semesters) primarily general technical and subject-specific foundational courses are taught.

In the in-depth studies phase (5th to 7th semesters) these subject-specific foundations are extended. In addition to the compulsory subjects to which all students are bound, students can select compulsory electives in a meaningful combination, by which means competence in particular areas is expanded. The fifth semester is completed as an "practicum semester" at the partner shipyard.
In the 7th semester the programme is concluded with a Bachelor's thesis.



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