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The aim of the engineering degree program in mechanical engineering at the Hochschule Bremen is a broad spectrum of skills, which meets the requirements of mechanical engineering.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a pioneering and versatile training in mechanical engineering. Planning, implementation and monitoring of the production of industrial products, including business management aspects are characteristic contents of the course.

Examples of industrial products are machinery and equipment, automobiles, airplanes, ships and also electrical equipment. Due to the diversity of industries results in a wide application of the Mechanical Engineer.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is similar in structure
the "Bremen model". Based on a study period of 7 Semesters, each semester is set of 5 modules, together with 6 ECTS credits.
In the 1st and 2nd year mathematics science and technology basic knowledge is provided.
In the 3rd year is an internship in the industry conducted and supervised by a university teacher.

The study concludes with the bachelor thesis in the 7th semester.



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