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Access and admission requirements

- University entrance qualification, training, internships, work experience
Access to the international program "Shipping and Chartering" at the Hochschule Bremen, University of Applied Sciences is governed by the enrollment. Required admission for the study is either the Abitur (diploma), the restricted diploma or a placement exam. Preparatory work placements or work experience are not necessarily needed for the study, but are quite desirable.
- Foreign language skills, knowledge of German
For admission to the degree program a proof of language skills is not required. But sufficient knowledge of English is highly recommended. Students seeking consulting services which are offered in English may be suggested to improve their English skills if communication problems exist.
Qualification- Objectives

- Objectives within the course of studies
The general objective within the International "Shipping and Chartering" program is to prepare students for a professional, practical and scientific training on an international level. In this respect the actual needs of business and industry according to practical training will be covered.

The students are required to develop a well-rounded skill toolkit refined through the inter-and trans disciplinary learned knowledge. This will enable students to be confident team leaders, have a team-oriented working approach and gain knowledge of leadership related duties even in non-professional workspaces. According to a study of publicly listed companies, companies are especially looking for management skilled and language skilled new hires for their executive level positions.
These "soft skills" such as social skills and tolerance will be covered through English-language modules and through the twenty week internship abroad. In this respect these ambitious qualifications of graduates will be reached due the content linked teaching within the respective modules.

The motivation of each module is to offer complex learning opportunities designed to engage students to take a look beyond the boundaries of a specific compartment. In addition, conceptual connections between the modules are shown in the vertical direction within one semester and in the horizontal orientation above the term limit in another semester.
It is not the goal to accumulate isolated units of information, but the acquisition of a networked knowledge structure. The thematic bracketing to module groups is structured to support this effect. The short duration of this course of study, the integrated internship, as well as the highly interdisciplinary focus of application-oriented training will ensure a professional competence of graduates in a broad context.

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