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Welcome! First Orientation for First Semester Students

Prof. Dr. Karin Luckey
Dear First-Semester Students,

we are happy to welcome you at Bremen University of Applied Sciences and hope that you have been well received. This new stage in your life is coupled with many questions concerning the commencement of your studies.

We would like to accompany and guide you on your journey to successful studies right from the very beginning. For this reason, we have compiled the following information as a first orientation. You may certainly also contact us for personal counseling interviews.

You have not only selected an interesting study course at our university: Soon you will also become acquainted with an interesting city and many people from all over the world. The international profile, the practical orientation of studies based on science as well as the manifold activities and the close collaboration among students, academic teachers and our partners engaged in practical work fields is what makes the difference at Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

By the way:
If you change your main place of residence to Bremen for the first time you will be entitled to receive a welcome bonus of 150 euros.

Prof. Dr. Karin Luckey
- Rector -
Information for Freshman

You have decided to start studying at Bremen University of Applied Sciences. A good choice.

The links below (sorted according to the university's faculties) lead to the relevant information concerning the commencement of studies for first-year students:

You will receive additional information about the semester ticket and pieces of advice concerning opportunities to be freed from it from the Independent Student Committee (AStA) of Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

The AStA represents the student body outside the university and also towards the university itself. More information about AStA activities, its secretaries and responsibilities is available on the internet pages of the Independent Student Committee (AStA).

And if I still have some questions?
There are various counseling options available to you at Bremen University of Applied Sciences. The counseling agencies listed below are available to you before you start studying and during the entire length of your studies:  

Student Services

International Office

Links to be used for further information



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